Luxury Eyewear Brands That Transcends Eyewear Fashion

Transcending Eyewear

A time ago, people who had impaired vision wore eyeglasses to simply help them see clearer. The perception of wearing eyeglasses was deemed nerdy or un-cool. Now, the eyewear game has changed and suddenly, luxury design eyeglasses have made their mark on fashionable accessories. Part of the reason is that several designer brands have extended their fashion to reach the eyewear landscape. Crossroads Optometry is an eyeglass and optometry center that has many incredible luxury eyewear brands on display for your choosing. Below we’ll highlight three luxury eyewear brands that are the most sought after in the shop.

Michael Kors

This is a brand that has set a standard for glamorous design and quality of men’s and women’s eyewear. This American designer has steadily produced beautiful designs for ready-to-wear accessories, shoes, handbags, watches, and clothing for years. Michael Kors eyewear is another transcending collection of his brand. From polarized sun wear, aviators to cat-eye, oval, rectangular, and square shapes for the frames; these glasses will easily accommodate to your tastes.


Coach is a modern American luxury brand with a rich 75 year history of high quality and craftsmanship in their products. Men and women who choose to wear Coach’s sun wear and eyewear will be rewarded with a sleek and modern appearance. With gradient and polarized lens, frames made of full-rim metal, full-rim plastic, and semi-rimless, you can do no wrong with Coach. With this brand, you can always count on their iconic design elements to be featured in each collection.


Burberry is timeless. People fell in love this brand due to its blend of innovation, design, and skilled craftsmanship. Designed in London, but made in Italy; these opticals are created with a blend of modern and classic design, fit for a considered style with a focus on function. Sunglasses are created with UV protection and their eyewear collection features heritage-inspired details and seasonal colors.

More Beautiful Brands at Crossroads

The brands listed may be our most popular, but they are three of the many beautiful designer eyewear brands that can be located inside our display. The best thing about our opticals is that they come in many forms and shapes and can be fitted perfect for any type of face shapes. If it’s petite, medium, or large frames you want, the luxury eyewear brands at Crossroads Optometry will have the look that you’re looking for. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for daily updates and new designer frames.

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